·      FILE FORMAT: preferred file formats for artwork are typically high-resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS, or some cases, JPG.

·      IMAGE RESOLUTION: images should be at least 150 dpi (dots per inch) for printing to ensure high-quality output. Avoid using low-resolution images, which may appear blurry or pixelated when printed.

·      COLOR MODE: files should use CMYK color mode instead of RGB, as printers use this color mode to print. Moreover, AD MIRACLE INC does not guarantee that the color is 100% identical to the digital file but relatively similar.

·      FONTS: ensure all fonts are embedded or outlined in the artwork file to avoid any potential font substitution issues.

·      ARTWORK SIZE: ensure that the artwork is sized correctly to the final print dimensions. Resizing an image after designing it can lead to blurry or pixelated images.

·      PROOFS: physical proofs are only included if contemplated in the invoice. If the client wishes to see physical proof, they must request it; it will have an extra charge. If you do not specify anything, it is understood that you do not want to see a proof, accepting the result of the work.


Full payment upfront. We accept credit or debit cards, checks, and cash.


The client must previously accept the digital proof to start the production process on an order. Moreover, the production time varies depending on the project’s complexity; this time will be notified in advance to the client by our customer service department.


The delivery can be done by pickup or sent with our courier company. The cost and shipping time depend on the state of the destination. If a client wishes a rush delivery, they must request it in advance and pay the increase it entails.


Any claim that needs to be addressed must be notified to AD MIRACLE INC. by email and with photos. The maximum period is 24 hours, which starts when the customers receive the order. In case of defective delivery, our company only guarantees the merchandise exchange for a product following the order’s requirements. In some cases, to reprint the material, it will be necessary to fully return the defective ones.

6.    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY When approving the order, the client becomes 100% accountable for his art’s copyright and responsible in case of any infraction.

7. LIABILITY AND WARRANTIES: AD MIRACLE INC.’s warranty includes repeating the work if there is an error during the printing process. This guarantee excludes technical or grammatical errors made on the client’s file and defects caused by not respecting the design standards regarding bleeds, cut marks, and safety distances when cutting. Moreover, we are not responsible for slight differences in color between the digital art and the final product; the colors displayed on your screen and those printed by your printer are not valid as a printing reference.

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